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Sexual act.

A guy takes a girl and has her lie down on her back with her head overhanging a bed or couch.
From there, the guys starts to throat fuck her until she throws up, and as she is throwing up he blasts his load on her face. The colors mix together and it resembles the colors of a keylime pie.
Greg---Hey Joe, what did you and Alison do last night?

Joe--Greg...I introduced her to the keylime pie.

by houseofwolves March 25, 2009
Refers to the ovaries or vaginal passage. Usually smells like moldy limes.

An offensive term.
After all those tickle pickle fishes i did last night, i will NEVER look at my key lime pie the same way AGAIN.....!!!
by the NINJA Cheesecake December 05, 2010
Key lime. Infatuation that shouldn't exist.
Key lime Pie. Indulge and I am in your debt.
Key lime pie. Inspire me with foolish love.
Key lime pie, your green filling makes me inept.

Flaky crust is what I lust. Your fresh lime scent is a must.
Take me with coffee, never with tea. You're the pie that pleases me!
People gawk "Is that pie green?" Ask for a bite - "Fuck you, I'm mean."

Key lime pie - cheapest hooker I've ever had.
Key lime pie. Last slice gleaming, if you're out I'm mad.
Key lime pie. Poke fun and laugh and jest.
Key lime pie. Don't bother me, digest
key lime pie.
...we are the ones who have a fire inside...
by Havok January 17, 2004
A sexual practice in which a man ejaculates in either the vagina of a woman, or the anus of either a woman or a man and then inserts one or both of his testicles in to the semen filled orifice.
"I took my mom out for dessert tonight"

"What did you guys have?"

"Key lime pie."

"Awwww, gross dude"


"At the orgy tomorrow night I hope to get a little key lime pie while I'm giving a key lime pie of my own to that hot secretary, Trish."
by Roberto!! September 01, 2009
When you take a lime, cut it open and squeeze the juice into a woman's vigina. Afterwords you cum inside of her making it look like a key lime pie.
I gave her a fucking key lime pie so damn hard last night.
by Turbovec March 14, 2004
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