To overly embarrass someone after they say or do something extremely stupid. To make something somebody says sound ignorant to others around you.

Originated in south florida.
Oh man dat nigga just pied you!
#embarrass #ridicule #shame #humiliate #put down
by sosocheer April 08, 2009
Used in awkward situations for comic relief!
Example 1
Mother- "Honey, today is your doctors appointment. Don't forget to ask for an STD panel!"
Daughter-"I like pie!!"
Example 2
(A waiter brings over some food and you pass gas)
Blind date-"Oh Gosh, this food reaks as if someone farted!"
You-"I like pie!"
#awkward #pie #relief #std #fork #crusty
by whore_with_boobs March 25, 2009
Used to describe something of pure epicness.
DragonForce is some serious pie.
#pie #pastry #epic #dragonforce #pwn
by $lim $hady October 18, 2008
P.I.E is an acronym for Pimping Isn't Easy.
I noticed he had P.I.E in his name on myspace, doesn't it mean Pimping isn't easy?
#pimping #easy #isn't #pie #myspace
by Airie Summers January 05, 2008
Something that a lot of people seem to like.
Man walks in.

Man:Who ate my pie?!
Boy A: "I like pie"
Boy B: "I also like pie"
Boy C: "I like pie too"
#tart #cake #treat #snack #eat #cookie
by Lithuanian Canadian March 10, 2006
A random word that if shouted in a lesson or used as an answer can make everyone laugh, a word used for an answer to any question as it can be translated into anything, someone who is random but funny
hahah! You are a pie, i am a pie, we are all pies
#pi #pir #piw #oie #poe
by lawrence tate November 16, 2005
Another name for the female genitals. Used mainly for a larger or puffy genital region.
Oh dude! Look at the pie on her!
by Adam Harigast February 02, 2005
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