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Piddly Winks is a game where a button is dropped into a urinal and a competitor pees making the button go round in a circle. The winner is the person who gets the most rotations of the button.
Jim: "I had a game of Piddly Winks but only managed to get a score of 4!"

Bob: "That's nothing! My high score is 31!"
by B0ttinat0r July 15, 2009
The act of making a piddle, also known as 'taking a leak', or 'unleashing the golden dragon'.
"Ah man! Too much soda!! Must make piddlywinks!"
by Zeromus-Prime October 07, 2007
A pidlywink is a little cute squimer at first but then turns uitno a shlong bot
"Awww look at the little piddlywink i just wanna squeeze its head until its bowels empty and i rip out its intsetines and reverse sidewinder the piddlywink out of it."
by shnukertown69 September 21, 2011
A car with one headlight out. Often mistaken for bikes from far away on dark nights.
Better get that piddlywink fixed at JiffyLube!
by wanowa November 24, 2013
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