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A town usually made up of eyes looking at a mexican while a smiling piece of shit smiles at the screen.
"wowser that guy is miles away"
"yeah dude hes in peepertown."
by shnukertown69 September 21, 2011
A shlong bot is a super sexy fuck machine with abs.
"Wow that guy is an ultra mega shlong bot.'
by shnukertown69 September 21, 2011
what the funk do you think it is
"Im gonna spray hot squime all over your mum, and shes gonna like it!"
by shnukertown69 September 21, 2011
when you squime shot ten metres in the air outta your chode.
"wow that guy looks god todoy."
"wowsers maybe he had a chode squime."
by shnukertown69 September 21, 2011
A pidlywink is a little cute squimer at first but then turns uitno a shlong bot
"Awww look at the little piddlywink i just wanna squeeze its head until its bowels empty and i rip out its intsetines and reverse sidewinder the piddlywink out of it."
by shnukertown69 September 21, 2011
The most mexican thing ever created even more mexican than The Frisky Mexican (Trademarked) Mainly a salsey sauce with many many uses
"Dude that krafty kondola stole my pendaho when i was sleepin."
"You should go try and get a Frisky mexican after you go and get your spicy pendaho back the mexican way"
by Shnukertown69 October 23, 2011
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