A cucumber soaked in evil.
Bob: Hey, you want a pickle?

by SprocketTalker July 14, 2009
Another way to say penis, dick, or cock.
Amelia likes pickles in her mouth.
by Nofatpants November 08, 2010
A sneaky way to tell a girl her bra strap is showing which causes other people to be confused rather than notice her bra strap.
Hey Suzie, you have a PICKLE problem!
by Cynthia Barbie May 18, 2009
n. - the horrible mess created when one passes out so drunk that he or she not only pisses him or herself but poops some as well.
Cindy had to buy new sheets because she made pickles in her old ones after a night of depression induced binge drinking.
by Les Miller September 29, 2007
An ambiguous sign of affection that lies between a pinch and a tickle. Usually enacted by small children developing their motor skills. When done by adults, it's just passive-aggressive behavior.
My young niece likes to pickle people and she does it with a devious smile.
by OgilvyJD June 30, 2014
Pickle (n.)-1. To be bored, 2. To cum or ejaculate
1. Jared was bored one day so he decided to pickle at his house.

2. Robert was listening to Led Zeppelin and started to pickle out of his ear because of an ergasm.
by tibbles906 April 27, 2011
the juiciest thing next to a penis
o hot damn, that pickle is just ooo so juicy!
by likdlaidla April 03, 2011

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