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6 definitions by Derk

the equivalent of saying, "It's all good!" It is only used in the most extreme of circumstances.
"Yea, my wife just died, my sister fell down at work, my baby was just stolen, and I totally was forced to eat someones poo today but....its all pengers and smeagols! :)"
by Derk July 07, 2004
the onomatopoeic term for the sound of a vagina becoming wet with anticipation.
"I can't wait for my hot date with Derek tonight! *gurkle*"
by Derk June 29, 2004
a movie that derk and ali are going to make
"Fuck that Fahrenheit 9/11 crap! Lets go see Farenheit Pickle instead!!" "totally!"
by Derk July 12, 2004
verb. the act of harrassing the drive-through window at McDonalds. This can be done in many creative ways: throwing a burger at the window, using your customer-authority to force the employee to do your bidding, and buying toy-guns at a dollar store and engaging in a mock hold-up, where you demand every pickle in the store in a brown paper bag.

Oh yes, to make it a TRUE pickle, you have to use the phrase "Hold the pickles!" during your pickle.
"Hey effer, remember when we pickled that place and the lady told us that we really suck?" "Shutup eff"
by Derk July 12, 2004
Noun. Stands for Eternal Friends Forever. An EFF is a living thing that exists between two people. When an EFF is achieved, it must be nurtured and weened until it is healthy and mature. It brings joy to those that it belongs to and, depending on the longevity of the EFF, it will grant it's master's eternal life.....that is, until it is broken.
EFF can be used to describe the actual relationship or entity...

"Omg, the EFF totally sucks today!"

...or it can be used to describe the participants of the EFF...

"Omg like you are totally my EFF k? Pengers and smeagols!"
by Derk July 07, 2004
a loyal and unquestioning servent, (usualy small) who does whatever the master asks, no matter what the hell it is. A minion is not considered an equal to anyone is striped of all pride and joy and is repeatedly downtrodden molested and beaten.
my friend made his minion eat his own feet off to show its loyalty.
by derk February 25, 2004