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cumber is a shorter for the "cucumber"
I used to like cumbers but I've chosen to eat carrots better.
by Andrius March 05, 2008
A combination of the words "Come" and "Over" in a quick, fun-to-say, hip, slightly orgasmic fashion.
Hey broseph, do you want to cumber after school today?
by p00pst3r! September 21, 2006
A retarded individual who will do most anything due to the lack of common sense and pride.
Eating cat food on a dare, hugging and kissing an empty keg of beer, and acting like a chimp while sober would all be good examples of being a 'cumber'. Generally annoying most of the time, slurred speech is common in the person, usually uttering extremely stupid comments. Tell-tale sign of being a 'cumber'? Singing Simple Man after being asked to stop by friends.
by Twoslices OfBread January 23, 2004
When a man jacks off over somebody in their slumber and cums on them
hey dude wanna come to my cumber party?
by cumberparty October 19, 2009
A Deep seated awkwardness or a very uncomfortable moment
"Yeah, mum walked in on us, you can bet things were pretty cumber after that!"


"Man I feel so cumber right now"
by Christafa P G! October 09, 2008
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