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(noun) an ancient method of torture devised by cruel parents in order to deprive their children of the will to resist
Parent: Go practice the piano now! No getting off that bench until you've played an hour and a half!
by bob jones March 17, 2005
38 54
The best instrument in the world. Best played with Chopin or Grieg. Most fun to play with candles burning while it's storming outside.
The girl practiced piano for hours on end for fun.
by Alex September 02, 2003
831 138
The only musical instrument that can be sorted into the strings or percussion group.
And also the reason why I can't play in an orchestra (unless by invitation). They can't decide whether to put this damn thing into the strings or the percussion.
by Cyndane January 14, 2005
432 130
1. Latin for soft
2. A musical instrument
2. Full name for the musical instrument the Piano is Piano Forté, directly meaning Soft Strong as a Piano plays both tones.
by Private February 07, 2004
274 73
Undoubtedly the best instrument ever created by mankind. The piano is not only able to play soft and loud, but it can also play multiple parts simultaneously, making a single pianist the equivalent to an entire orchestra. The piano marks the pinnacle of human music technology, which is ironic (but should not be surprising) because it was invented in the 18th century.

Should not be confused with a keyboard, a piano-imitating instrument which has poorer quality sounds and wastes electricity, an insult to the piano. Obviously for these reasons it is used in rock bands.
Sounds produced by any decent piano player can match the grandeur of an entire orchestra! Human technology has come far.
by ThePianist July 10, 2008
255 73
An instrument that never stays in tune.
Damnit, my piano's out of tune again!
by Mike the Ekim June 06, 2005
291 143
that instrument asian parents make their kids play
Tommy: Hey Hieu, you wanna come play basketball later.

Hieu: Oh i would love to but i have piano lessons
by ihadtoinsertanamesohereitis July 10, 2008
134 50
1. a percussion instrument which consists of keys that hammer onto the internatl string to produce a sound. The keys are usually balck and white.

2. an instument i compose on and make music.
1. Rachmaninov is probably the greatest pianist ever.

2. I have fun performing on the piano for others.
by andreacky772 August 29, 2004
136 59