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fuck in g-rated-chatroom-language
i wish we cud phuqing cuss in chatrooms
by j00l.i.e April 26, 2003
1) The right way to spell "fuck"

2) Created on a whim that will surely cause a widespread craze and will change the face of the word "fuck" forever
Man, I read the other definitions for PHUQ; they were PHUQED up.
by Matt Went September 20, 2005
A pile of 8 or more kittens. 7 is only several, kittens not cats, and they must be in a pile.
" Watch out, you almost tripped over that phuq!"
by pianokid October 21, 2008
A version of the phrase, "fuck you" that can bypass the onboard censor in chatrooms, online BBSs (fora or forums), online games, etc.
You're an asshole!
Fucking jerk!
Eat shit!
by Telephony September 27, 2015
Acronym for purple hearted ugly queer
P-Purple H-Hearted U-Ugly Q-Queer
by scorch March 18, 2005
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