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Pooping while on the phone. The act of calling someone (or recieving a call) while you are sitting on the toilet.

Also can be used as a noun, but should not to be confused with the current definition of Phoop
Caller A: I want that <grunt> Jones Report <grunt> on my desk <grunt> in ten minutes! <splash>

Caller B: Sir, are you phooping me?

I'll be right back, I need to phoop my ex-wife's lawyer.
by GoddTodd Evans October 08, 2007
Pretending to take a dump work so you can play on your phone.
Josh: dude are you feeling ok? You were in the bathroom for like 45 minute.

Jake: Nah, I was just phooping.

Josh: cool what level did you beat.
by jackking November 16, 2013
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