Top Definition
To have sex.
To be fucked.
I just wanna get pieced man!
by Carmina November 18, 2006
1. To be high enough that your mental and motor skills are significantly impaired; punished, crunished, fuuucked up, etc. in a drug-induced sense.
2. Having been severely beaten up.
'Damn, she just got pieced off one bong hit!'
'Shit man, that angry mob with baseball bats just pieced your ass.'
by Kitteh May 07, 2005
Getting beat down.
Kane "pieced" Vince last night on wwf Raw.
by Deeez Nizuts July 29, 2003
someone that is ugly
something that is bad in general
to steal/borrow something from someone
1. Goddamn that trick is sooo pieced
2. Man, that test was sooo pieced
3. Yeaaa.. i pieced that CD from him a long time ago
by Bushi September 11, 2003
pretty much fucked
theres nothing to do, tonight is pretty pieced.
by Vidal Sasson August 31, 2003
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