v. Simply pieced together, the onomatopoeic word phap (also spelled fap, that is used to describe the sound made during masturbation) is spliced with the word poop, meaning simply: To masturbate while defecating.
Brian: Oh man bro, I phoop so often that my bathroom consistently smells of dump and cum.

Jacob: What the fuck man, thats nasty.
by Tcreepz13 January 03, 2011
poop - when you're being politein front of your granny (like saying "shoot" instead of shit).
they don't give a phoop
by monkiki February 25, 2005
When you go to fart,and instead poop.Also see shart.
Dude,what's that smell;did you just phoop?!
by Mrs.Scalf April 14, 2009
The sound that a women makes, when pushing cum outta her Vagina, after sex. phooop!!!!
Wow, you came alot i just Phooped my Vagin to death.
by Master_D September 08, 2010
when you drop you phone on your face
This morning I woke up and grabbed my phone to check my instagram feed and I phoop.
by boogle.net December 02, 2014

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