Meaning the love of wisdom, philosophers try to answer the ultimate questions that can not be answered. See examples. Famous philosophers include - Aristotle, Plato, Hume, Neitzche etc...

Areas of philosophy include ethics, metaphysics, mind etc

Philosophy in films - Donnie Darko, Butterfly Effect, The Matrix, Minority Reports, Space Odessey 2010

See wikipedia for more info...
Who are we? Is there a god? Why are we here? What is the meaning to life? Is there free will or are our fates pre-determined?
by keysersozexxx June 30, 2005
A field of study which can essentially be divided into the subfields of epistemology, metaphysics and ethics.

Epistemology is the study of knowledge, how it is gained and to what degree it is possible.

Metaphysics is the study of what exists, how it exists and how we define it.

Ethics is the attempt, having decided upon theories of knowledge and existence, to create a coherent way of living.

Contrary to popular belief, philosophy is not, or at least does not have to be, useless. If everyone thought carefully about what they believe, why they believe it and how they should act accordingly the world would be a better place. Everyone from politicians to scientists to soccer-moms must make decisions of ethics which affect them and those around them.
Sartre (a major figure in philosophy) says of epistemology that we cannot have absolute knowledge, of metaphysics that the world is subjective, and of ethics that by existing we choose ourselvse and the world.
by yes, I am a philosophy major August 03, 2006
The art of thinking.

Philosophy is the ability to conceptualize and articulate with other people, ideas on society, the world, how it functions, people's roles in it, existence itself and even things such as sports and athletics. It is a very narrow-minded concept that philosophy only has to do with deep thought, but it can also be rather light.

Ultimately it is usually viewed as reading others thoughts, such as Aristotle, and learning arguments so you can repeat them, but I believe one whom follows philosophy would be more concentrated on finding new ways to think about things, or would rather have intelligent conversations on subjects and enjoy just simply thinking about them.
You can spend your whole life reading philosophy and never be a philosopher, but you can spend five seconds and ask one question and go farther than many go in years.
by Splinter of Chaos April 11, 2006
Literally, "love of wisdom."

From the Greek: "Philo" (love), and "sophos" (wisdom)

William James described it as "the pursuit of thinking objectively about the fundamental issues."

Consists in subjecting the whole of human knowledge to rigorous scrutiny. Major fields of philosophical thought include Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Aesthetics.
I want to know how we can know that we know that which we think we know. Thus, I am majoring in philosophy.
by DreamingSpires August 25, 2004
The love of wisdom. No matter how many times people condemn philosophy as useless, the love of wisdom is still better than the love of idiocy. Unless you are an idiot.
I think philosophy is for retards..
by sdljk July 06, 2009
Analagous to stroking one's penis, but done through the activity of thinking. Philosophy comes from the two root words phil, meaning "love", and sophy, meaning "to stroke ones penis incessantly and abstractly while maintaining a pretentious air about you". Combined, we can deduce that this means "to love one's own penis incessantly arrogantly and abstractly." Philosophy is broken down into many disciplines. Some to be considered are: epistemology, metaphysics and ontology.
Epistemology simply asks the question, "how do i know i am a fucking pretentious moron?" Over the centuries, many a party-goer has asked this question to philosophers only to be answered with high noses and comments about how wonderful the wine and cheese is, when you actually know it was 2 buck chuck and a cracker-barrel.
Next comes metaphysics. Metaphysics is what idiots at parties talk about when they are trying to prove they are better than you. Often times this involves theories of Truth, (with a capital T) and theories about why some philosophy dude will never go to home with that hot girl because he shows up to a party with a Nietzsche book in his pocket like its something she should be impressed by.
Ontology is the theory being. It simply asks the question, "Am i a pretentious moron?" Most philosophers cannot answer this question because they are so full of themselves, they cannot see past their own dissertations that try to explain a chair or a desk or any other inanimate object in the room.

While philosophy majors can most generally be categorized as annoying and useless, we can deduce from this simple syllogism the following:
1. All philosophy majors are pretentious assholes.
2. Pretentious assholes will do you favors if you stroke their egos
3. if you stroke a pretentious asshole's ego, you can get him to do anything
4. you can get a philosophy major to do anything if you stroke his ego a little bit.
So they arent completely useless. For example, you can get a philosophy kid to get you a beer when you need one at a party if you tell him you are interested in his theory (which by the way is never his particular theory) but just him reciting some bullshit he read. Nonetheless, if you just appease his need to assert intellectual dominance in a social atmosphere, you have a masturbating helper monkey as your new friend.
"Yo, philosophy geek! Get me a beer dude!"
by FTD May 20, 2005
The art of self-confusion.

Reductionism, nihilism, and existentialism are nuclear-options in philosophical discussions that exist barely beneath the surface in any contemplation of deeper issues, and they can be released upon a subject at any time and render it meaningless. Therefore, discussion of philosophy itself carries with it an inherent ridiculousness and pointlessness, as well as constant potential for pseudointellectual overanalysis (such as this).
Philosophy? Meh. That's the only course you'll finish knowing LESS than when you started.
by lordjupiter May 17, 2005

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