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A course that many college students are required to take as part of their core curriculum. The subject consists basically of all the shit you would think about when you are high.
Tom: Did you understand anything from Goldstein's philosophy class?
Brian: Nah, dude, I'm way to sober... we have to bake before next class.
Tom: Forshizzle
by TheColonelSanders October 26, 2010
1.n. From the Greek "philo",love, + "sophia", sofa; Literally, the love of sofas; The act of theorizing from an armchair.
2.n. An accidental side-effect of language.
3.n. A type of disease which used to be widespread in antiquity associated with the Y chromosome.
Socrates died of philosophy.
by Inna G. May 13, 2006
Greek for "Love of enslaving your fellow man" by mindfucking them into submission.
Or murdering them.






by Bob April 06, 2005
A counter-productive, meditative manner of thinking often exerted by those under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.
"Hey Nigel, what's up man!?!?"

"Dude, leave him alone, he's being philosophical right now..."

"Man, he must be trippin' balls!"

by cheeze097809743 July 26, 2009
(n) A conclusion formulated in the absence of a definite answer, based on assumptions, values, and experience. Conclusions are rational, but their basis is not, due to a lack of information.
Conservatism and Liberalism are examples of philosophy - neither can be objectively judged to be correct.
by didds March 20, 2004
also see "Philliposophy"
...there aint none
by philliposophy November 18, 2003
-noun (educ.) collage major, science
Mostly studied by people who have way too much freetime and think money grows on trees. Philosophy students tend to spend their time discussing the "findings" of long-since dead people, drawing tons of conclusions for everyday life, economy, science and politics that are never ever being put into practice, and eating pizza. They are often accompanied by hipster douches with rich parents or hobos in training which they also call 'classmates'.
-science student: "So what's your major?"
-"ah ok." *leaves*
by N3bu April 19, 2013