Philosophy is to your mind, what physical conditioning is to your body. It has very few practical applications, just like weight-lifting has very few practical applications. However, by teaching yourself to view the world in other ways (most of which are entirely theoretical) you can better understand your own reality. You become healthier physically through exercise, and you get healthier mentally through philosophy.

There really IS a high corrolation of people who study philosophy to people who use drugs. The reason being that many people use psychotropic and hallucinagetic drugs to expand their mind, and philosophy does the same thing.

Many people also falsely claim Hinduism, Buddhism, and other "eastern" religions to be philosophy, as a large portion of their teachings are aimed at expanding the mind as well. The reality is that all theology falls under the VERY general blanket of philosophy. (see example #2)

Most philosophy majors are either: intellectuals, druggies, or pompous asses.
#1. Fields closely tied to philosophy: law, religion, art, film, writing, psychology, business.

#2. Ignorant person: Why would I need philosophy? The Lord tells me everything I need to know about life.

Philosopher: Than why are there so many sects of Christianity?

Ignorant person: Because there's more than one way to interpret the word of God. We're human and can't know exactly what God means.

Philosopher: Interpreting information when there can be no proof at the time of interpritation is exactly what philosophy is used for.

Ignorant person: Yeah, well I don't need it. My parents told me which one is right.
by -Cory G.- March 14, 2006
well in a nutshell.....
philosphy is to the real world as masturbation is to sex
by ColHol December 01, 2004
Greek for "Love of enslaving your fellow man" by mindfucking them into submission.
Or murdering them.






by Bob April 06, 2005
A counter-productive, meditative manner of thinking often exerted by those under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.
"Hey Nigel, what's up man!?!?"

"Dude, leave him alone, he's being philosophical right now..."

"Man, he must be trippin' balls!"

by cheeze097809743 July 26, 2009
(n) A conclusion formulated in the absence of a definite answer, based on assumptions, values, and experience. Conclusions are rational, but their basis is not, due to a lack of information.
Conservatism and Liberalism are examples of philosophy - neither can be objectively judged to be correct.
by didds March 20, 2004
also see "Philliposophy"
...there aint none
by philliposophy November 18, 2003
-noun (educ.) collage major, science
Mostly studied by people who have way too much freetime and think money grows on trees. Philosophy students tend to spend their time discussing the "findings" of long-since dead people, drawing tons of conclusions for everyday life, economy, science and politics that are never ever being put into practice, and eating pizza. They are often accompanied by hipster douches with rich parents or hobos in training which they also call 'classmates'.
-science student: "So what's your major?"
-"ah ok." *leaves*
by N3bu April 19, 2013

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