Phenomenal Hair Do
God damn! That chick's gotta phenomenal hair do!
by BlackSheep March 14, 2003
Acronym for "Post-Hibbs Dump."
Hibbs is the dining hall at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University), a state school in Richmond, VA. As you can guess, the food there is pretty foul, and shortly after eating there, you often have to take a nasty shit.
"Hey Jonny Z., how did that weird veggie lasagne treat you?"
"Let me put it this way dude - As soon as we get back to Johnson Hall, I'm gonna get my PHD."
by GullibleZine March 30, 2007
A person who is basically trapped in college for the rest of his life. PhDs are also known to talk out of their asses and give long lectures about things not relevant to real life.
I'm glad I got out of college before I got that PhD.
by grad school dropout April 10, 2003
to have a Ph.D is to have a Pretty Huge Dick
Kanye West says that he never graduated school, but he has a Ph.D...a pretty huge dick
by Banks Chill July 23, 2005
Pretty Hefty Dumper, description of a large derriere. Usually the female anatomy.
Tom's new girlfriend has a P.H.D.
by W Kris R October 31, 2007
phd (pterodactyl homing device). a 2 piece grind band consisting of various effects pedals, synthesizers and spare drum parts in conjuction with jurassic park and perfect dark. pterodactyl homing devices are indigenous to the south shore, but have been known to migrate with the wooly mammoth.
man! phd just melted my face!
by troy kyle September 28, 2005
post hole digger
I know I should put a fence around my yard, but I don't have a PhD.
by Rick August 08, 2003
An acronym for "Permanent Head Damage"
Landlord: How are you these days?
Tenant: I am close to graduation.
Landlord: You are still in school?! Are you a genius?!
Tenant: This PhD program takes a long time and makes me depressed all the time.
Landlord: Well, you are gonna be a suger dad very soon!
by phd candidate September 07, 2006

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