Interesting; cool; in-style; something cool or attractive
Wow, that's a phat iPod skin you have there!
by MiStErMaN802 March 17, 2006
it just means that your man made the biggest mistake of his life and called you fat, and because he doesnt want to get slapped he says he meant it as "p-h-a-t" its an acronym for pretty hot and tempting, or pretty hot and tight, or whatever else he makes up. it works well for guys, cause girls usually think its so adorable and end up forgiving the guy. it happened to me and im so happy i didnt dump him! (although im not fat, bastard)
"baby girl, youre so phat and sexy, i wish i could be with you forever gal"
by sof January 23, 2004
Real fresh or nice, (same as off da hook)
"Yo gurl yo new weave is phat."
"Homeboy fly and got a phat ride too!"
by Bree December 07, 2003
Word used by those with a limited vocabulary to describe something which they find quite good.
Anorexia is PHAT!
by dunce April 01, 2003
The sound a thumb makes when removed from an anus.
"Phat" went the thumb out of the anus
by cammissar June 14, 2015
a holiday celebrated on usually the last Saturday of February, including activities such as Mustache Parades and Yankee Swaps
ex. I went to a Phat party last Saturday and got a Jesus nightlight in the Yankee swap. It is now in my bathroom.
by nutellacat69 February 22, 2013
Phat is NOT "pretty hot and tempting". it means pretty hips and thighs. It was made in the 80's when men actually had respect for women.
"Dang that chick has some PHAT on her"
by Mylifeasraia May 16, 2016
A more insulting way of saying "fat," because it seems to have originally been a lie that you weren't fat, but only cool (phat). Being called fat in deceit is far worse than just being called plain fat.
"You're fat," Jeff said.

"What?" Erica asked.

"Uh, you're phat," Jeff said. "You heard of 'phat,' right? With a 'ph?'

"Litmus testing?" Erica asked.

"It means cool," Jeff said.

"Fuck you," Erica said.
by Ereck Flowers May 27, 2015
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