means for men to call a woman fat without the consequences of death or severe pain.
Man1: Damn that girl is "phat"
Man2: Hell yea she is!
Woman: What the hell did you say!!!
Man1: umm well :thinking:were dead
Man2: Umm NO NO baby P H A T, pretty hot and tempting
Woman: Damn striaght
-woman leaves-
Man1: damn that was tight we didn't our asses kicked or nothing!
by Justin Bloomfield March 29, 2005
Dat Chick is P.H.A.T!!!
by pooh_bear10 April 29, 2006
party hat in runescape
n00b: buying wht phat ge 1gp
Zezima: just dropped phats, lulz
by kitten467358972 February 16, 2013
girl that that is not necessarily fat but has attractive fat curves such as her behind or chest

by chillboy08 April 24, 2009
A throwback slang term that is not used enough anymore. Originally meaning "Pretty Hot and Tempting", it became a general word for "cool". Mostly used ironically nowadays because of its lame nature.
Friend: "Damn, this shirt is phat"
by Shawzie January 14, 2011
Pretty Hot and Thick

An endearment for gorgeous plus sized girls.
"The way her body curves is so PHAT"
by Raven Kemper June 12, 2010
Pretty Hot And Thick
Dylin: Damn! Kattie is PHAT! (pronounced as 'fat')

Marc: nah bro, she is thick
Dylan: thats what im sayin, PRETTY HOT AND THICK!
Marc: oh i got u!
by LlamaMama902 January 19, 2015

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