Pretty Hot And Thick
Dylin: Damn! Kattie is PHAT! (pronounced as 'fat')

Marc: nah bro, she is thick
Dylan: thats what im sayin, PRETTY HOT AND THICK!
Marc: oh i got u!
by LlamaMama902 January 19, 2015
Pretty, Hot, And, Thick
OOH, That girl is P.H.A.T!!
by RoyalRichBoo June 17, 2009
a girl with a big butt
mike-wow that girl is phat
chris-i dont think shes fat but she does have a big butt
mike-thats wat phat means
by shavonne byrd July 10, 2008
your a bunch of retards, it is a word originally used by blacks in Maryland/Virginia area in the 70's meaning pussy, hips, ass, and tits to describe the girl who got it all. White people stole it and tried to make it not-so-offensive
That bitch phat as a mothafucka!
by TheForeskin March 27, 2011
Back in 1976, two dudes from Great Mills, Maryland, one black and one white made up the word and it stood for: Pretty, Hips, And Thighs.
That chick is Phat!
by Gang of dudes from maryland February 23, 2010
Word used by those with a limited vocabulary to describe something which they find quite good.
Anorexia is PHAT!
by dunce April 01, 2003
P-Hat Or Party Hat is a very Rare Discontinued Runescape Item that is worth Hundreds of Millions of Coins
Noob1 - wow that guy has a P Hat .. he must be rich.
Noob2 - Dude, P Hats are a sure sign that guys never been laid...
by ZMAF May 03, 2011

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