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girl that that is not necessarily fat but has attractive fat curves such as her behind or chest

by chillboy08 April 24, 2009
a girl with a big butt
mike-wow that girl is phat
chris-i dont think shes fat but she does have a big butt
mike-thats wat phat means
by shavonne byrd July 10, 2008
Pretty, Hot, And, Thick
OOH, That girl is P.H.A.T!!
by RoyalRichBoo June 17, 2009
Word used by those with a limited vocabulary to describe something which they find quite good.
Anorexia is PHAT!
by dunce April 01, 2003
Back in 1976, two dudes from Great Mills, Maryland, one black and one white made up the word and it stood for: Pretty, Hips, And Thighs.
That chick is Phat!
by Gang of dudes from maryland February 23, 2010
A word meaning sexy/hot/good looking.
Girl 1: Wow check out that phat guy over there.
Girl 2: Yeah, he's phat alright.
by dazza___stephiee_x_X May 05, 2009
1950,s NYC, urban black culture slang.
Pretty Hips And Thighs!
She's phat! Man (typically) speakes to another about a woman's (typically) voluptuous figure.
by Gaia's girl July 31, 2006