A PET, or Pussy Eating Tattoo, is a tattoo that a woman gets in the area below her belly button, between her hip bones, and above her vagina. The PET gets its name from being highly-visible and inches from your face while performing cunnilingus.
"Every time I go down on my girl, I feel like her tiger PET is staring back at me!"
by Micah, Mat, Pat April 24, 2007
an abbreviation for the word petrified
I got all up in his grill and he was pet. He didn't say one word, yo.
by Danielle October 17, 2003
Name which 419eaters/scambaiters use to define the scammers they bate.
My pet is confused again.
by Hoo Hoo Nick August 18, 2004
Pierre Elliot Trudeau. In my opinion the worst fucking prime minister ever. we use to not suck when Lester Pearson was the Prime guy. Then fuckin Trudeau comes in here thinkin he's so badass. Thank fuckin christ Joe Clark took the office after him. He sucked bad as well so we had no other choice but to bring old Elliot back in and have him suck more. thankfully, we got him out of office and now were back on task to kick all american asses bitches!
coach: alright mike, get in there for chris
chris: what? i dont need to come out! wow coach, way to be a p.e.t.
by randy maccormick July 06, 2006
Hey Danielle..yo mama was pet when you popped out of her breeder oven.
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
Something or someone who is pushed around and is used as a companion.
I used my boyfriend as a pet.
by ddude01 December 23, 2014

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