a living thing which used for recieving commands and fondness of its owner.
The pet I kept gave me a lot of pleasureness, satisfaction, and whimsy.
by King of the dungeon August 13, 2003
Post ejaculation trauma.

The period of intense regret a guy aften feels immediately after ejaculation. It's intensity depends upon what he was fantasising about / fucking / watching immediately prior to ejaculation.
1. "I was jacking off to some hardcore GGG bukakke porn but as soon as I came the PET kicked in big time, that shit is disguisting"

2. "Hey did you nail that fat chick last night, you seemed to be well into her?"

"Yeah I was, but had instant PET and had to get out of there, she was rank"
by stiff peeda February 17, 2009
This is a fictional character made up after when one's mother writes "Don't put dishes in the sink" and I random word is though of. The pull stop at the eat of the word is integral to the whole use of the word. Only to be used in awkward situations. Especially on MSN when you either do not know what to say next or when no one has spoken in a while.
"Yeah, I hate that dude"
*Both do not talk for ages*
Or, "pet."
"lololololol, let's go ruin some forums"
by Jamesfox6 March 11, 2008
1. Positron Emission Tomography (or Peritoneal equilibration test) - A special type of X-ray using a radioactive dye which shows areas of the brain that have a higher or lower metabolism than normal. It can sometimes be used when an MRI scan alone is inconclusive.

2. Polyethylene terephthalate - A thermoplastic commonly used for film and also clear plastic bottles.

3. Pupil Evaluation Team - The team responsible for developing the special education service plan for children age 5 to 20.
1. To have a PET Scan.

2. The bottle was made of PET.

3. Get the PET to sort it out.
by Garrett February 03, 2005
someone who is kept by a wealthy person
I don't really like that guy. I'm just his pet.
by squigsmcgee April 09, 2007
A derogatory term usually aimed at women.
Drunk guy: "You alright, pet?"
Girl: "Jog on, asshole."
by miguelmiguel March 28, 2011
Pussy Eating Triangle. Three women simultaneously eating each other out, forming a triangle.
I'd love to watch three hot girls perform a PET!
by Chi-TownCookie May 13, 2008

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