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An unattractive male who's horny.
"Did you see that pervert hitting on Sally. I didn't know there was enough alcohol in the world for someone like that to be conceived."


"Did you see that hottie rubbing his unit up against Sally. They left together like fifteen minutes ago."
by Bokiks216 July 17, 2006
35 53
That drunk fat guy sitting at the end of the stage trying to see if your thong has some how slipped over to one side while yelling at you to put it in his face for a dollar.
Daaaaaaaammmmmmmn baaabeee stick it in my face, I gotta dollar
by Betty January 06, 2004
23 42
one who spends most of his time in his room at his coputer looking at porn and jcking off. his only source of action from another human is usually sluts who only do them cause they have no morals.
Perve: hey can i touch your boobs
Girl:who the fuck are you
Perve:i'm arnold and your hot.
Girl:SLAP. fuckin perve. go jack off.
Perve:(as she walks away)but i already did that today.
by orange March 13, 2005
35 57
someone who listens to Buckcherry, has excessive acne, wears AC/DC pants, has long greasy hair, wears a backwards quicksilver hat, and wears solid red shirts.
"That guy with the backwards hat reminds me of the pervert!"
by krusten May 14, 2008
6 32
Barry McCoy, from Celina, TN.
Man, have you every heard of that Barry McCoy kid, he's such a pervert
by satya January 25, 2004
18 48
Some queer that always has a woody and masturbates 10 times a day for every time he sees some chick's hot parts because he doesnt have a fuckin life
"Dude, that perverts gettin a fuckin hardon over Fat Heathers ass crack hanging out of her seat."
by Corey February 24, 2005
41 75
shawn geiger
m: gimme a word...
by umm me? January 13, 2004
13 52