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pervs are usually really ugly and gross. the reason they are pervs is because they cant get some so they turn into pervs so that at least can pretend to get some to their friends but really... no girl would ever allow it to happen
Omg! That old guy on the bench is such a pervert!
by Awesome JSA-er November 07, 2010
nasty person who lieks to look up girls skirts and at thier ass's. See also john.
John is such a pervert, he was just staring at julies ass.
by Funni Bunni April 22, 2005
You for looking up pervert.

Unless you don't know what it means. LULZ.
We are all perverts.
by Ilyk2eatbananas March 17, 2007
guys who are very lonely and are desperately horny that 'violate' a female to gain satisfaction perv
~Brad F.

~Eric C.

Girl: Stop looking down my shirt, you perverts!
by Anonymous Band Geek :P March 06, 2007
really gross, ugly guy who checks out your body/you with a freaky look on his face.
"oh my god, gross, that pervert over there is staring at me"
by starlett March 24, 2003
Kat, supa cool, supa perverted. One nice chick to know! :-)
Kat is a living example of everything a pervert should be.
by supakat September 19, 2007
A gross fat man that looks at porn at work, and makes obscene gestures/ comments towards young female employees.
1. "yuck, Pete gave me a pat on the back"

2. "can ou believe what he just said to me?"
by Frank Smith March 30, 2004