1) verb- To use or represent incorrectly.

2) noun- An individual who uses or represents something incorrectly.

1) The religious fanatics (Islamic Terrorist, Christian Crusaders, etc.) pervert their religion, in order to gain political and militant power.

2) Where is the fucking TV remote, dam-it? That pervert stuck the remote up his ass. That's probably were my lighter went too!
by Dirty Dustin November 06, 2006
A word used by prudish girls to show they are "better" than sex. If a male says it, they are officially gay.
Bob: Hey Hailey, you look sexy in that dress!

Hailey: WHAT!!?? PERVERT!!!!


Frank: Hey Jimi have you seen Selena's ass? Dog that thing is a wonderland of sex! Dude and her tits are like-

Jimi: Shutup your such a pervert

Frank: Dude you are gay. Havent u read gabehawk's definition?
by gabehawk May 01, 2011
Someone who takes everything other people say in a way that makes them feel very tingly inside.
1) Me.

2) My best friend.
by Me December 26, 2003
pervs are usually really ugly and gross. the reason they are pervs is because they cant get some so they turn into pervs so that at least can pretend to get some to their friends but really... no girl would ever allow it to happen
Omg! That old guy on the bench is such a pervert!
by Awesome JSA-er November 07, 2010
nasty person who lieks to look up girls skirts and at thier ass's. See also john.
John is such a pervert, he was just staring at julies ass.
by Funni Bunni April 22, 2005
You for looking up pervert.

Unless you don't know what it means. LULZ.
We are all perverts.
by Ilyk2eatbananas March 17, 2007
guys who are very lonely and are desperately horny that 'violate' a female to gain satisfaction perv
~Brad F.

~Eric C.

Girl: Stop looking down my shirt, you perverts!
by Anonymous Band Geek :P March 06, 2007

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