What Most of the people in the world are, it's 90% that you are a pervert.
Person 1: Hey, you know that lass?
Person 2(pervert):The one with the nice tits?
Person 1:PERVERT!
by Milionth March 07, 2012
Any one who constantly brings up sex or other sexual tools (reproductive system). May be perverted towards dudes and chicks, no matter how gay they sound.
Ethan: Man, your dad was good last night.
Me :You pervert get away from me
by WhoGivesBoutMe December 16, 2011
A man who thinks he's the greatest thing on earth. He is constantly thinking about sex, uses the words 'Penis,' 'Ho,', 'Bitch,' 'Jizz,' 'Pussy,' and more in daily conversation, and can turn any regular sentence into something sexual. He has no respect for girls at all and looks at them like nothing more than sex toys. He says things like "My bitch was sucking my dick last night."
Guy 1: How's your girlfriend doing?

Pervert: That bitch got boned hard last night!
by BassGuitar546 August 07, 2011
A person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior

Usually ladies who are all over these perverted sites putin there body out to make money is the acceptible? no

men just look at it acceptible?
maybe depends on where he is reveiwing the material!
by true def August 12, 2008
Julia Lee thinking dirty thoughts about Shaune.
Shaune says "Anything the master wants servant has to do" Julia lee -Thinks dirty thought- "Pervert!" Shaune -What? o_O- "I was talking about sendi
by Shaune LEE August 10, 2008
A man who is obsessed with having sex and enjoys looking at naked women, no matter what.
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
a boy...
Pervert: all of the male species and some of the girls
by elphiba November 21, 2009

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