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a boy...
Pervert: all of the male species and some of the girls
by elphiba November 21, 2009
A man who is obsessed with having sex and enjoys looking at naked women, no matter what.
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
Julia Lee thinking dirty thoughts about Shaune.
Shaune says "Anything the master wants servant has to do" Julia lee -Thinks dirty thought- "Pervert!" Shaune -What? o_O- "I was talking about sendi
by Shaune LEE August 10, 2008
Not someone who necessarily watches R rated movies or thinks about sex
It's someone who thinks about it in a wrong way, etc
Such as someone who rapes people as opposed to someone who has sex with there spouse
Happy Person: I saw that movie last night
Sad Person: Which one?
Happy Person: Love Me If You Dare.
Sad Person: Pervert.
Happy Person: Moron.
by SAKURASAKU January 06, 2008
1) verb- To use or represent incorrectly.

2) noun- An individual who uses or represents something incorrectly.

1) The religious fanatics (Islamic Terrorist, Christian Crusaders, etc.) pervert their religion, in order to gain political and militant power.

2) Where is the fucking TV remote, dam-it? That pervert stuck the remote up his ass. That's probably were my lighter went too!
by Dirty Dustin November 06, 2006
A word used by prudish girls to show they are "better" than sex. If a male says it, they are officially gay.
Bob: Hey Hailey, you look sexy in that dress!

Hailey: WHAT!!?? PERVERT!!!!


Frank: Hey Jimi have you seen Selena's ass? Dog that thing is a wonderland of sex! Dude and her tits are like-

Jimi: Shutup your such a pervert

Frank: Dude you are gay. Havent u read gabehawk's definition?
by gabehawk May 01, 2011
Someone who takes everything other people say in a way that makes them feel very tingly inside.
1) Me.

2) My best friend.
by Me December 26, 2003