a person whose sexual behavior is not satisfactory or allowable.
Those who make everything about something sexual, those who look at a girl's breast when talking to a girl, and those who like looking under a girl's skirt are examples of perverts.
by Free Spirit Curly Hair March 28, 2015
A person (usually lonely men!)
1.)Who lusts after younger people..........
2.)Who constanly staring at your privates and/or touching
3.) Who is/ Or A Rapist
1.)pervert:Hey sexy how old are you age is nothing but a number wanna hook up?
other person:Ummm no.And im under 18
pervert:Soooo wat?
other:U pervert!!!
2.)pervert:(Slaps u in the but)
other:u pervert!! And why are u in the girls bathroom? (and calls the police)
3.)pervert:Hey kids i hav candy in my van!!
by lalaLai August 14, 2012
A creepy individual that is obsessed with thoughts of sex. Will make anything sexual. Most likely still a virgin or not very familiar with the actual act of sex.
I know this one creepy pervert that acts like such a poser when it comes to sex. Truth is, he is still a virgin that wets the bed and cries when he's faced with the act of sex.
by KittensNBeans December 14, 2014
A way a japanese female says "boy" in my chinese cartoons.
"Hey, pervert! Get over here!"
by uberoverlord March 06, 2016
A beast with a sub-human level of understanding who has a burning desire to "gap lui" (Cantonese for "Stare-at-girl") but is unable to get some.

Perverts are typically recognized by their mating calls whenever they chance upon their prey, such as:

"SODAMNHAWT", and "YOGAPANTS", depending on the individual regions of the respective subject.
"Omg, just now three guys were all staring at me; I swear I heard one of them cry "SODAMNFREAKINGHAWT"!"

"Oh no, I think you're being followed by an alpha pervert!"
by lostinthesafari June 05, 2013
1. All males.

2. Male scum.
3. Callum Rhead.
4.Who the fuck cares? Its how I am. If you don't like it don't drink something I gave you. Plus you will probably wake up tied to a tree and find your stomach hanging out your asshole.
Lily: My god callum is such a Pervert! Looking up her skirt like that!
Keita: Yeah he's fucked. (Reality): Hope its a nice view. I'll ask him later.
by HeinrichHimmler May 15, 2016
a person whose sexual desires are unusual, or rare in social society, pervert is usually used as a derogatory term to refer to the negative, and albiet more common aspects of the pervert culture, perverts who apply to the negative connotation are usually observed as immature since their behavior usually has something to do with the reproductive system, or includes acts that are highly looked down on in the public eye, the positive connotation can only be used in a ongoing relationship, or with friends and (rarely) family the positive form is used when the person accepts their perversions, yet doesn't allow them to control their daily lives, the positive connotation also cannot be used in any other manner other than jests, or sexual taunts, this form of the term is rarely used due to the denial of the mass population to the fact that we all have our own perversions, otherwise the human race would be nonexistent (p.s. every sexual act, no matter the severity can be related to a perversion)
pervert:wanna go in the back of the theater and make out

girlfriend: no way

pervert: how about now....

girlfriend: you are such a pervert

pervert: i know

girlfriend: (kisses)

pervert: i can see your boobs (smiles)

by DarkAlterKazuma January 03, 2011
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