In our everyday terminology, a pervert is generally referred to a man who portrays an abnormal sexual behaviour. Perverts in general appear to have dissatisfying or mistreated sexual lives. This generally makes these sort of people to see normal 'women' as an object of 'sexual gratification' and 'lust' and nothing more than that. Their perceptions of reality is thus afflicted. Some people can turn into perverts if they have been through a history of sexual molestation, bullying, series of sexual dissatisfaction .
An example of this is when you notice a random man "staring" at a woman's breast walking down a subway line. The woman notices the man but ignores him and walks away. The woman will be calling the man "such a pervert".
by rahul_mdr May 21, 2010
a person who thinks of nothing but sex, and who relates everything around them to intercourse; someone who you can barely have a decent conversation with cause they're either a) staring between your legs b) making constant perverted jokes or c) attempting to rape you
Innocent person: I hated the test today! It was so HARD!!!
Pervert: Hahaha... That's what she said.

Innocent person: Hey, I was just looking for... what are you staring at?
Pervert: You got a piece of lint on your crotch... want me to get it off?
Innocent person: GET AWAY FROM ME YOU PERVERT!!!
by likeyoucarewhatmynameis April 25, 2010
A person who looks up the word "pervert"
You reading this word right now, you're a pervert
by Super Ultra Mega September 01, 2014
Perverts are those who does things which others just wish to do and abuse ,who are doing that.
See him,what a pervert.
by ASri July 23, 2008
A hackneyed uncouth terminology used generally by the social public (sometimes cruelly) to brand anyone who's behavior or ideas is agreed to fall out the norm, if not merely coming across as unpleasant. Originally used against those considered sexually deviant of any sort, the term has evolved to be used for any type of personality that simply evokes disgust.

On the other hand, one can consider it a bit fruitless, considering the fact that social ideas and norms different vastly from geographical region to geographical region and consistently changes throughout history.
"OMG, those idiots next door support and probably practice polyamory. Also, one time when we were conversing, they brought up the concept of marrying one's sibling. They're such perverts!!"
by AC'zzzz from Cali May 03, 2013
One who has weird sexual desires, or who's sexual desires aren't the norm (aren't what most people experience)
Sean was a pervert because he involved himself in weird sex acts that most people wouldn't experience.
by has to be said August 29, 2008
a person wh frequently acts strangly, most often in a sexual manor
Heather: hey brenda, watsup?
Brenda: i want to lick you.
Heather: pervert
by whowantstoknow? July 17, 2006
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