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A style of rock music that emerged in England in the late 80s that featured blisteringly loud and dreamily reverberated feedback. Recently revived by electronic bands like M83 and Ulrich Schnauss.
Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive are good shoegazer bands.
by Corey February 21, 2005
when someone is bored they will say la dee da to show they are bored but still happy. common mostly for girls
"*sigh* la dee da, *plays with pensil*"
by corey January 05, 2005
a woman who, in the 1920's adopted the new urban styles and ideals of the time. They often had short curled hair and hats with small brims.
you people are a bunch of uncultured simplistic fucks who wouldn't know style if it anally raped you. How American.
by Corey November 16, 2003
A person any man could be jealous of
All the women he gets
by Corey September 15, 2003
Comes From A Scotish Term Meaning Amazement, It Originates From Here Because In The Old Scotish Towns The person they had no idea how they managed to survive or make any money or do something cool would be the Corey of the town
by Corey February 01, 2003
The most pimpin webite out on the net
it's like "Snoop Dogg's Google"
as to what it says, i guess its just a different kind of search engine
check out that site, it's pretty dope
"fo' all ya'll biatchez who wanna find shiznit on the net'"
by Corey March 18, 2005
The rubber device that fits on the dick to keep the males sperm from entering his sexual partner so they do not have a child.
Condoms helped us keep Johnny Jr. from being born...for a few years anyways....until they got expensive and w we have another mouth to feed.
by Corey April 08, 2004
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