Someone who's constantly got sex on the brain, and usually loves to share it with others.
John: Hi Jane.
Jane: Hi John. Hey, look. A dollar on the ground.
John: Oooh, really? *Bends to grab $*
Jane: Biggety back that ass up!
John: You shameless pervert.
by WomanofMassDestruction October 14, 2007
Practically everyone on this website. I think that 98% of this websites definitions include porn. Why are you so obsessed with "jizz" and "fucking girls" is it because you know every sex move but your a 56 year old virgin and when the time comes, you dont have a clue what to do so you kick the 96 year old woman out and just cry.

P.S: whoever thumbs this down is the word im describing and you know it.
Person 1 on net: i fucked that hoe bad last night
Me: no you never you loser, your a virgin and admit it. Dont be insecure just because you made out with your mum when you were 13years old.
person 1 on net: Just because you never done it.
Me: Does it matter? im out there making freinds and getting a life, while your at your computer licking your screen and realising its never gonna happen; you PERVERT!
by Porkstork January 21, 2007
Anyone who gets sexual satisfaction from doing something unusual. Definitions of "perverted" behavior vary depending on who's using the word. To a ninety-six-old-old grandma, tongue kissing may be see as perverted. To a twenty-one-year-old guy, smearing chocolate sauce all over his girlfriend's body and licking it off while she's tied up isn't.
One person's pervert may be another's kinky.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
1. A guy who acts out with the kind of sexual deviant behavior that most other guys only fantasize about.

2. Potentially every guy in the world.
Pervert teacher: (attempting to look up the skirt of one of his female students that is sitting in the front row of his classroom.)

Jen: OMG Ryan! Look at that pervert Mr. Rogers trying to look up Melissa's skirt!

Ryan: YEAH! What a pervert! (While thinking to himself... it's probably a great view... I wish Jen weren't here.)
by crazy88s October 22, 2006
A word prudes use to describe the natural fact that men enjoy the way women look.

Heck, where would we be if men did not like the way women looked? That's right, extinct!!!
Did you see that guy looking at her ass, what a pervert.
by Concerned Citizen 100 November 06, 2008
Someone who seems to turn every conversation into something related to sex.
I.E. Shigure Sohma. Miroku. ....Blah blah blah...
Shigure: High school girls, high school girls, all for me, high school girls~~~!
Miroku: Will you bear my child?
by Sakura The Pocky Goddess June 16, 2005
90% of people on urbandictionary. Don't believe me. Look up something nonsexual and I guarantee you that you'll find at least 1 or 2 definitions making it sexual.
Generic example person: generic example phrase to show you mindless drones how perverts is used
Generic example person 2: generic example response
by Memetic Man January 17, 2011
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