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1. Skittlez
2. one who enjoys sex relating things a little too much.
3. one who is obsessed with boobies.
Skittlez loves to look at them boobies.
by Senorita Sammy Berz March 08, 2005
Alternate spelling of perv and more common in the UK. Often used by people into BDSM, etc. to describe themselves when in 'friendly' company.
It was good to go out with some fellow perves
by Uncle Whippity December 24, 2003
1. Used to describe someone acting particularly foolish. In many cases this person will be hyperactive or talking in a way that is inappropriate to the circumstances.

2. If someone has taken 'it' much too far, perve may be extended to "in full perversion" in order to emphasize that persons pervitude.

3. Perved, can be used in place of drunk or swirved.

4. pervin' it (alt.) is any combination of the above.
1. Dude, why you got to be such a perve.

2. Wesly was in full perversion last night, as always.

3. Logan got stright perved last night.

4. That kid is always pervin' it so hard.
by Jaminsky March 27, 2005
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