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To lie when you know that your aren't being honest.
Na nigga u perpin or nigga stop perpin. /// a Cincinnati term.
by Jae Bird June 25, 2009
"perpetrating" a lie
you be perpin' dawg, that bitch be fuckin' everyone.... hell, she fucked yo' daddy..... not cho' baby's daddy, but cho' daddy... mutha fuckah
by jeebus July 26, 2003
The act of bragging and or lyiing in conversations about things that one posesses to impress people, a person who is usually perpin, has nothing but a wide imagination and a desire to fit into the "in crowd".
(Perpin')"Yeah I just bought a new 2011 Camaro" and I paid cash for it, but I took it back because the dealer didn't want to put 22" inch rims on it for me. "there he go perpin' again"

(Perpin') I just bought my girl a new platinum diamond chain for $7000.00 But I took it back because she was cheating on me. <---"Maaaan your lyiiing, this dude be perpin'!!!

(Perpin') Yeah I just got a 14k diamond gold grill, it cost me $15000.00 but I only wear it on special occasions. Maaaan..Quit Perpin'!!! you aint buy your girl NOTHING

by Speedy030866 March 17, 2010
when someone acts like they have something when they really dont
Yo i dunno why your boy is perpin that celly her know it aint turned on
by Anonymous December 21, 2002
Some one who plays investigator and watches you all the time.
You know that Miss Piggy be perpin' ur shit homie!
by Bootifull August 20, 2007
Thieving stealing robbing
I'm going out perpin tonight hope I steal some good shit
by Dan Dukes March 03, 2011
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