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cleverly disguised braces for adults with sensitive egos.

also a great way to get gingivitis or lockjaw.
You'll look super fly when you are in a hospital with a tube down your throat and a couple cc's of tetnicide in your veins.
"Gangsta" 1: "Yo I hurd dis nigga in Jersey got Tetnis or sum shit kus dat stupid foo got in a fight wit him gold grillz on. Bitch-ass mofo got hit in tha teeth an bit his own damn tounge. "

"Gangsta" 2: Daaaayuuuuuuum!
by ArrogantAngel June 02, 2009
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Chunks of shit (or inferior quality polished metal) worn on the teeth of rappers or poser-homo's.
Nelly/Poof: "Yo G-money Fly-Tip, im so gangsta i shit out gold nuggets and wear it on my teeth. Word"
Metalhead: "California Smile for you"
*Proceeds to forcebly place poofs gold grill mouth on the gutter and roundhouse kicks back of head*
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gold fronts, normally worn by rappers, gets them lots of hoes
That nigga's gold grills gets him all the tricks.
by Surburban Hustla July 15, 2005
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