fucking awesome weed
"ey mane, u wanna hit up my crib and go blaze some perp?"

"hey, i got some perp from my friend the other day, it was only 50 per gram!"
by perpblaza5000 December 10, 2008
somebody who is perpatrating to be or to do something they arent
Alot of rappers today talk about selling drugs but most of them just perp, they dont really sell drugs.
by Gfm Ev October 25, 2008
perpetrator, one who creeps on someones guy/girl.
that guy is perping on all of our girls.
by HarrypairofTEstes January 28, 2008
1. A male cross dresser or is that a female cross dresser?

2. A VERY low class woman with no regard for the human race.

3. The pyscho queen of mutts.
Check that dude out, It's a Perp!

That Perp is one ugly dude!

The Perp has the turdle on a short leash.
by LarryButton February 23, 2008
Someone usually a female who sees nothing wrong with posting personal information on message boards.

A person who continually posts doggy porn to message boards and then denies it.

A person off their psychiatric medication that spends their days ranting and raving on message boards.
Another batch of doggy porn, must be perp again.
by Perp_Cult_Member February 19, 2008
to insert an object or finger into a friends ass in a joking manner.
james tried to perp me this morning with a pen!

if you don't stop bugging me i'm going to perp you!
by foy jones November 25, 2007
1. A stipulation or condition of negative influence
2. It's bad
The only "perp" of this job is the horrible cunt of a manager.
by Hodinger August 30, 2006
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