Can be used as a noun or a verb, meaning fart, derived from the English 'parp', commonly used in Ireland.
Eugh...smell your perp!

Did you just fucking perp AGAIN?
#fart #parp #shit #poo #smell
by Poo-poo Magee June 04, 2006
un-borange. A term meaning anything that is good.
1. I am feeling perps
2. She is perps
by gmax May 29, 2005
Lives on a golf course.
That perp OJ lives on a golf course.
#jack #ripper #slash #rabid #raccoon
by f?ckoffseegulls December 01, 2006
a fuckin asshole
"Look at dis cunt face, rabbit ass jig,you fuckin perp"
by Keenan October 11, 2003
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