Failure of some degree, or failing to do many tasks due to ones nature.
Man that guy is so perm.
You perm to see the problem here.
Perm lol
by James Stretton December 31, 2007
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More commonly known as a relaxer, a perm is a series of chemicals that African-American girls use on their hair to make it look less curly, rough, and thick. As a result, their hair becomes darker, straighter, thinner, softer, longer and smoother.
I got a perm yesterday and I love my hair now.

Your hair looks really nice. Did you get a perm?
by The Hit September 07, 2009
Incapacitation due to excessive alcohol consumption and/or use of controlled substances.
Primarily used in Arkansas and the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.
Lloyd perm? Oh yeah, you know Lloyd perm!
by C Lloyd January 01, 2008
1. Creamy crack; something many black women feel they need and grow an unhealthy dependence on in the efforts to make their hair straight or European-looking.

2. caustic chemicals that have no business on somebody's hair
That perm made her hair look thin and scraggly.
by S. April 14, 2004
Like that of the high fashion, high dollar perm hairstyle. The word "perm" is used when describing something that is fantastic, brilliant, amazing, special etc...
That mixtape is soo perm!

You should come to the party tonight, it's gonna be perm.

It would be soo perm to hook up with that beautiful baby.
by ChaoxAD November 15, 2009
Short for permutation.
1. noun: Some combination of the plan and the CP or k alternative. A legitimate perm is all of the plan, plus part or all of the CP. More than this and it's an i-perm; less and it's a severance perm.
2. verb: To read a perm.
They ran Lopez, so I was like, "That's plan-plus, bitch!" and I permed their asses.
by Consult NATO November 08, 2004
When in a threesome with 2 males and a woman, one man ejaculates on the woman while the other pisses, Sperm + piss = Sperm
"I totally gave Kimberly a perm last night"
by BLCKdog May 08, 2010

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