perm means to be cool

as a verb perm can mean to walk with extreme amounts swagger.
Yo dat hairstyle be perm

That kid is so perm

as verb:
Yo he was perming down the street
by joker550 March 06, 2009
When in a threesome with 2 males and a woman, one man ejaculates on the woman while the other pisses, Sperm + piss = Sperm
"I totally gave Kimberly a perm last night"
by BLCKdog May 08, 2010
Failure of some degree, or failing to do many tasks due to ones nature.
Man that guy is so perm.
You perm to see the problem here.
Perm lol
by James Stretton December 31, 2007
verb - a word that means that shit such as foreign gold* and other various items are legit and will not poof.
info: commonly used in everyday use: CoD: Mw2 players, Diablo 1, 2, and 3 players, Shayan Niknam and others.
Past tense - PERMED
Negativio - Unperm
Example one -

Shayan - Dude I got some popsicles today!
Dante - You sure they wont perm?
Shayan - Yea I'm holding onto them right now!

Example two-

Shayan - Oh my god dude, last night with Becky was amazing!
Dante - Did you go up shitty lane?
Shayan - Yea, but I think my penis permed.

Example three -

Shayan - Finally those stupid niggers are fucking gone!
Dante - So they permed?
Shayan - Yea fucking NIGGERS!

Example four -
Shayan - I smoked so much opium last night?
Luke - Holy shit dude!
Shayan - Yea dude I think all my knowledge poofed!
Luke - Holy NIGGERS!

Example five -
Shayan - God damnit dude I failed my math test!
Dante - So what's going to happen!?
Shayan - I think my mommy is going to make my Xbox perm...
Dante - ...

Example six -
Shayan - ...
Prosecutor - So, what is wrong, Shayan?
by Nick Renfro January 23, 2010
n. A slang term that refers to a penis (usually a chode) that gets stuck inside a womans vagina, not the anus, and wont come out. However, it only becomes a perm if the partners are seen in public stuck to each other.
Man: Oh shit

Whore: What now?

Man: It wont come out

Whore: I'm not going outside, that would be the fourth perm today

Whore chops off mans chode and eats his testicles.
by Dr. Love-man February 15, 2010
when a male both pisses and ejaculates at the same time
Honey, do you want me to perm your hair.
by dogcatfish678 October 06, 2008
A very ugly haircut. Usually a flowing mane dripping with hair juice.
You got a fucked up haircut, man. What is that, a perm?
by Cosmic Truckaz October 16, 2003

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