Term similar to straight as in alright
"Wuts good scrams?"
"Nut10 my dude I'm perm."
by D Real November 09, 2007
When in a threesome with 2 males and a woman, one man ejaculates on the woman while the other pisses, Sperm + piss = Sperm
"I totally gave Kimberly a perm last night"
by BLCKdog May 08, 2010
perm means to be cool

as a verb perm can mean to walk with extreme amounts swagger.
Yo dat hairstyle be perm

That kid is so perm

as verb:
Yo he was perming down the street
by joker550 March 06, 2009
verb - a word that means that shit such as foreign gold* and other various items are legit and will not poof.
info: commonly used in everyday use: CoD: Mw2 players, Diablo 1, 2, and 3 players, Shayan Niknam and others.
Past tense - PERMED
Negativio - Unperm
Example one -

Shayan - Dude I got some popsicles today!
Dante - You sure they wont perm?
Shayan - Yea I'm holding onto them right now!

Example two-

Shayan - Oh my god dude, last night with Becky was amazing!
Dante - Did you go up shitty lane?
Shayan - Yea, but I think my penis permed.

Example three -

Shayan - Finally those stupid niggers are fucking gone!
Dante - So they permed?
Shayan - Yea fucking NIGGERS!

Example four -
Shayan - I smoked so much opium last night?
Luke - Holy shit dude!
Shayan - Yea dude I think all my knowledge poofed!
Luke - Holy NIGGERS!

Example five -
Shayan - God damnit dude I failed my math test!
Dante - So what's going to happen!?
Shayan - I think my mommy is going to make my Xbox perm...
Dante - ...

Example six -
Shayan - ...
Prosecutor - So, what is wrong, Shayan?
by Nick Renfro January 23, 2010
n. A slang term that refers to a penis (usually a chode) that gets stuck inside a womans vagina, not the anus, and wont come out. However, it only becomes a perm if the partners are seen in public stuck to each other.
Man: Oh shit

Whore: What now?

Man: It wont come out

Whore: I'm not going outside, that would be the fourth perm today

Whore chops off mans chode and eats his testicles.
by Dr. Love-man February 15, 2010
when a male both pisses and ejaculates at the same time
Honey, do you want me to perm your hair.
by dogcatfish678 October 06, 2008
A very ugly haircut. Usually a flowing mane dripping with hair juice.
You got a fucked up haircut, man. What is that, a perm?
by Cosmic Truckaz October 16, 2003

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