The space between your back door and your buddies
She licked my perineum before she sucked my dicl
by Mike Hunt August 03, 2003
Top Definition
The place between the butthole and genitals.
Because I have flesh in between my anus and gentials, I have a perineum!
by l337 December 20, 2004
1) The surface region of the body, situated between the anus and the genitals.

2) The week between Christmas day and New Years day.
Hey Shazwayne, what are doing for the Perineum? I'm gonna spend the whole week sixtynining myself.
by AnRoMo December 26, 2011
the scientific term for chode, grundle, gooch, bifkin.
it's pronounced per-A-nE-um
by smashpangler May 21, 2003
origins lie within the medical world, an it basically means yer gooch, bifkin or whatever else you wanna call it. it is the area of flesh between yer giggleberry's and yer waste disposal hole. it hurts when pinched!
"phwoar, my perineum is covered in skanky warts, must have caught summit off harry the swine!"
by tommy-o January 10, 2005
The barrier of skin between the vag or the penis and the ass.
Some shit was stuck on my perineum and when I wiped it went into my vag lips.
by Vaganal July 17, 2008
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