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The oldest living pimp who every man deserves to have as a model.
Hugh Hefner is so pimp that he is rivalring Bill Clinton.
by l337 December 20, 2004
The place between the butthole and genitals.
Because I have flesh in between my anus and gentials, I have a perineum!
by l337 December 20, 2004
474r1 means Atari.
474r1 is a good company.
by l337 June 12, 2004
L4M3 W4NN4B3 Mod
AdminOp Gets Pwned by Neo-TF
by L337 September 02, 2003
A wonderful tape in which bodacious babes take off their garments in order to please the viewer.
Girls gone wild is an excellent show because you can see beautiful women take off their clothes.
by l337 December 20, 2004
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