Terrible song by "Simple Plan". Trite lyrics "cuz we lost it all, now we can't go back I'm sorry I can't be perfect"..."Nothings gonna change the things that you say...nothings gonna make this right again".

Lyrics sound like something out of a 12 year old girl's blog.

Everything that's wrong with today's popular music scene. These guys are the Backstreet Boys, 5 years later once the record execs realized that boybands were out, and psuedo-punk bands catering to the rebellious side of preppy middle school girls were in.
"Like wow, "Perfect" is so deep and meaningful. I play this song whenever my daddy won't let me drive his beemer"
by cfs September 29, 2004
Top Definition
Everyones perfect in their own way <3
by Different(: January 22, 2011
1.Someone with few flaws; possessing many desirable qualities.

Someone with many if not all of these traits:

beautiful on the inside and out.
fun to be around.

No one is perfect, but some people are close.

2. Exactly what you're looking for and want.
I love her, she's perfect.
by i January 31, 2005
a non-existant thing that people try to live up to or find in someone or something. perfect doesnt exist. No one can be perfect because everyone has faults of some sort. the only thing that will ever be perfect died on a cross two thousand years ago.
Guy: I'm looking for the perfect girl-- ya know, big boobs, blonde, smart and funny, doesn't argue with me, skinny but not a stick, a little shorter than me-- ya know,totally HOT.
Friend: And how do you think you're gonna find that?
by i_hate_wannabes January 15, 2006
a word that describes a thing that someone exactly desires.
if your underwater and cant breathe, swim above the water level and inhale some oxygen. ahhhh perfect
by wise guy October 07, 2004
something that has no flaws. A word that contradicts itself.
Gena is perfect and has no flaws, however, by being perfect this makes her boring, and being boring is a flaw so that is impossible.
by nonbluemoo November 11, 2004
Fiercely overrated and non-existent.
Nobody's perfect, though many try to be.
by sofilee December 22, 2007
An unatainable and boring condition that kills people in its pursuit.
Perfect compared to what?
by jwill January 17, 2004
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