Noun: Something that is yours; just for you.

Verb: To claim something as your own.
Example 1: "This is my percy umbrella"

Example 2: "I'm going to percy that pizza."
by Doktorfunk October 14, 2006
A lie about a subject or answer to a question you don't feel comfortable answering.
Annoying friend: "What did you add to Urban Dictionary?"
Shorty: "We added "Flumpkin"
Annoying friend: "Seriously, I looked, what did you add?"
Anele: "We'll just tell you a percy so it doesn't matter."
by Circuede500717 May 12, 2009
A person who complains and moans over stupid shit.
Man quit acting like such a percy
by slang translator April 06, 2009
Short term for the drug percocets.
Dan: O shit these are some good percocets, Im good.
Joe: You want another?
Dan: Nah my nose is burning like madd.
Joe: Stfu u pussy, hit up another percy.
by Gangster February 29, 2004
'percy' is short for 'personal' when in the context of cannabis smoking.
If you want the spliff or joint to yourself it's a percy spliff or it can mean the portion of drugs a dealer is keeping for himself i.e. that's what I have to sell, the rest is percy
by effin know all February 19, 2015
Old school slang word for cocaine in the UK.
"I am out two parcels of percy" ala Love, Honour, & Obey.
by EzGoingKev January 17, 2009
A term to describe someone having only enough cannabis to be caught with a "personal" amount - therefore avoiding prosocution.
Joe has a Oz and gets caught by the fuzz,... claims percy and doesnt get taken down for dealing
by Oni March 15, 2005

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