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A term to describe someone having only enough cannabis to be caught with a "personal" amount - therefore avoiding prosocution.
Joe has a Oz and gets caught by the fuzz,... claims percy and doesnt get taken down for dealing
by Oni March 15, 2005
11 23
a percy is another word for a penis, and so is a hampton
i feel very sorry for the person who lives at 69 percy road, hampton, middlesex
by wtf? March 07, 2005
13 25
A device used by a homosexual to pleasure himself.
Also used, by heterosexuals, to make fun of an unsuspecting homosexual around them. Often used in stories
Of Story- When Geoff gets home from school he waits in the wings for his father to get home. His dad comes home, swings his coat over his shoulder and then the chase begins. Geoff runs away while the father gives chase. The mother drinks beer in the other room while the younger brother weeps in the corner knowing he is next. Then when Geoff realizes defeat he does the "defensive" slap to the floor like a basketball player, then insertion occurs. This is where then, percy, a dildo with several fillings is used. The fillings come or cum seperately and are to the liking of the recipient. Also it can have vibrating capabilities, this version is called "Hitting up the electronic fun"
by Rob March 30, 2004
24 38
queer or homo
by Anonymous May 29, 2003
23 37
Noun: Something that is yours; just for you.

Verb: To claim something as your own.
Example 1: "This is my percy umbrella"

Example 2: "I'm going to percy that pizza."
by Doktorfunk October 14, 2006
18 34
A Scotsmans Term for an Englishman (Derogatory)
A counter for the term Jock!
ie= paddy=Irishman
Jock= Scotsman
Scot:Hey Percy!Hope yer Poofy Team gets Fucked in The World Cup!
Percy:Well at least we Qualified! you fucking Jock!
Scot: Gives Percy a Glesga Kiss(Head Butt)All the way back over the Border into Percyland(England)
by James T Kirk, June 02, 2006
42 59
Short term for the drug percocets.
Dan: O shit these are some good percocets, Im good.
Joe: You want another?
Dan: Nah my nose is burning like madd.
Joe: Stfu u pussy, hit up another percy.
by Gangster February 29, 2004
4 21