Another term for my penis.
Say hello to percy... kiss him... kiss... him!!!
by The Great Rando July 14, 2002
Led Zeppelins leadsingers (robert plant) nickname, given to him as bonzo was watching a show where the gardeners name was percy, and sayin summin like, "hey ur names plant, hes a gardener, ur new names percy"
bonzo - "hey ur names plant, hes a gardener, ur new names percy"
by ten_years_gone December 15, 2005
1.) A name which a man gives to his penis when dissociating himself from responsibility for its actions or reactions.

2.) A homosexual character in jokes which heterosexual people make about homosexuals. There's usually another homosexual (called Cyril) in the jokes.
1.) "It's not me doing that, it's Percy."

2.) "Cyril and Percy walk into a bar. Percy says, "Thyril, is that a gun in your pocket, or...?'" (followed by the rest of a lame joke).
by Xaviana December 01, 2003
A Scotsmans Term for an Englishman (Derogatory)
A counter for the term Jock!
ie= paddy=Irishman
Jock= Scotsman
Scot:Hey Percy!Hope yer Poofy Team gets Fucked in The World Cup!
Percy:Well at least we Qualified! you fucking Jock!
Scot: Gives Percy a Glesga Kiss(Head Butt)All the way back over the Border into Percyland(England)
by James T Kirk, June 02, 2006
Englishman, how they are known to us in Scotland
PS They hate bein called PERCY!! >:)
HAW PERCY! is it true all you fuckers take it up the arse?
Percy: Why Yes jolly good spiffing 1966 tea crumpets cricket what? haw haw haw.
by Ped The Ned June 19, 2006
A short hobbit looking ass nigga who loves to munch on ass for lunch, can be found in a gay bar bitting ass hairs off a gay guy
Ehh that guy over there is such a percy
by Quan.013 March 17, 2016
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