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3 definitions by quincebolis

Fake custom pen website known as Pen Island - url is penisland.net

Used a way to insult the ignorant
'Hey, you want a free custom pen?'

'Yeah sure!'

'Then just go to penisland.net.....'
by quincebolis May 24, 2008
A state preceding sexual intercourse when a man removes his pants but leaves his socks on. Doing so will immediately destroy his chances of getting laid, as it is the most unattractive thing a man can do.
I was hooking up with Cathy last night when she realized I was in the sock zone. She laughed for twenty minutes then left.
by quincebolis May 13, 2011
Slang for loss of virginity.
'I hear Alice gave Greg her 2010.'

'Man, I hope I get laid by 2010.'
by quincebolis February 06, 2009