v. When a girl is in the company of hormonal, sexually frustrated men, with no other girls present, and the general conversation of the room keeps going back to her breasts, what she's wearing, etc., she feels singled out, or "penised".

Penising is all too common in the academic areas of computer science, maths and physics, for example, where there are very few women, and the majority of the men are incredibly sexually frustrated.
"I had to spend all day hanging out with a group of randy middle-aged women today - now I know what it feels like to be penised."
#penis #penising #penissed #penissing #peniss
by Cuile June 15, 2008
Top Definition
Sexual intercourse involving the use of a penis. Not a fake penis, but a real penis possesed by a male of the species. e.g. a lesbian cannot "penis" another lesbian.
Dude, wookie totally penised lyzzi last night.
#fuck #fucked #screw #boned #bone
by Fianslip March 18, 2006
1. Forceful, yet playful interaction between a throbbing happy-rod and <insert orifice here>. Doesn't really need much more explanation.
person1: haha! she got penised in her/the <insert orifice here>!
#dicking #cock clubbed #rodified #ram-rodified #johnsoned
by aka_Pyro May 26, 2007
Often used when defeating another player in video games. Made popular by players in halo 3 who would often change their symbol to a grenade and a banner. This when changed to one color (commonly red- got raped so hard there was blood) look a lot like a penis.
Winner: Haha look at that looser, I penised him soo bad.

Looser: WTF are you talking about?
#penis #video game #halo 3 #winner #looser
by SeeDemTails September 18, 2009
When an individual has had someone elses penis rubbed over them, usually unwillingy. Most commonly rubbed on the head
'Hahaha, did you see ashley just got penised by elliot?!' - After Elliot rubbed his penis over ashley's head.
#penis #wiped #harrassment #penis-rub #rubbed
by Miss A. Crew September 25, 2008
The act of calling one's phone, and shouting penis before hanging up.
"Oh did you hear? Bill just got penised last night."
#penised #penis #penisedcall #prankpenis #penisprank
by Bluntz May 29, 2006
Having the penis.
Matt is a strange penis'ed lady.
#matt #lady #penis #booty #lick #bethany
by Lethany Bincoln October 07, 2011
1. to dominate one's tasks
2. to defeat convincingly
1. Sentence: I really penised that test
2. Sentence: Team A penised Team B; the game was never close.
#dominate #defeat #crush #overwhelm #subjugate
by Daddy_1 April 14, 2010
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