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1. From the verb 'to penis'.

2. Any act involving use of the penis.

3. Fondling or kissing of the penis.
Student to test proctor: Why does that kid have his dick out?
Test proctor: Let the quadriplegic finish penising his essay questions.

The gay guys were short on time and couldn't do much more than kissing and penising.
by serbear4u February 15, 2009
A rebus word for "blow". Used to get past the morality sensors on some sites.
That skank is DTF & B10w. I think I'll buy her a drink, and try some penising!
by serbear4u May 10, 2015
For The Mother Fucking Life Of Me
"I can't FTMFLOM remember where I parked!"
by serbear4u July 13, 2009
A Twinkie, stuffed with a KitKat, then wrapped in bacon, then coated with batter and deep fried. May be served as is, drizzled with caramel, or chocolate. Golden, artery-clogging, perfection!

May be found at some deep-fried food booths at your state or county fair.

A great accompaniment for a deep-fried Snickers and funnel cake.
Bob: I'm heading to the state fair. Wanna come?
Jim: Gonna try your luck on the midway?
Bob: Fuck the stuffed animals! I just want a Twinx!
by serbear4u August 27, 2014
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