v. When a girl is in the company of hormonal, sexually frustrated men, with no other girls present, and the general conversation of the room keeps going back to her breasts, what she's wearing, etc., she feels singled out, or "penised".

Penising is all too common in the academic areas of computer science, maths and physics, for example, where there are very few women, and the majority of the men are incredibly sexually frustrated.
"I had to spend all day hanging out with a group of randy middle-aged women today - now I know what it feels like to be penised."
by Cuile June 15, 2008
(Verb) To penis someone; to smack them anywhere as apunishment for a stupid comment.
Person A: 10 x 10 = 1000 right?
Person B: are you kidding me???
Person A: oooooooh right!! It equals 100
Person B: ::smaks Person A in stomach::
Person C: HAHAHA!! You were penised!!
by Eham June 12, 2005
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