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The crusty residue left on the penis after ejaculation (penis - semen - cement). Typically this partially/completely covers the peehole causing urine to shoot off to the side upon the first attempt.

Pronunciation: pen-uh-si-ment (sounds like the first part of "penicillin" and all of "cement")
Dude, how was your date with Bambi last night, and, where is the shower curtain?

Oh man, it was great! We did it four times and I must have passed out. Then, first thing this morning I go to take a piss, and, I'm standing right in front of the toilet and I hit the shower curtain big time. So, I took it down and threw it in the wash.

HAHAHA Penisement strikes again!
by subbie_333 September 18, 2011
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