Really nice weed, usually high grade in the form of cheese, haze or kush. Can also be used to describe anything of exceptional quality, including people, but primarily it is a weed term.
1-"That strawberry haze you had last night was the peng"
2-"Cheese on toast is peng"
3-"Your mum is peng"
by dUb Samurai February 22, 2012
A slang term meaning 'attractive', invented by cultureless southerners with the intention of imbuing their bland vocabulary with a bit of colour.
Well she's rather 'peng' isn't she, Tarquin?
by Northern Monk May 12, 2011
A very positive word used casualy to show how attracted etc you are to something/someone
1)He's peng.
2)Mmm this tastes peng.
by flabface October 28, 2008
Sexy, good looking
"That guy i met last night was peng"
by peng87 July 30, 2008
Good looking, sexy, buff, fit, handsome, beautiful, gorgeous.
'She's peng', 'That guy's peng'.
by urbanchic May 06, 2008
really good looking.
rrr he's fucking peng.
id tap that ;)
by BEXCEE,xo. July 02, 2009
Fit, sexy, good looking, hot, fuckable
"lucy i think your proper peng yeah" says dave.

"wow im not peng at all mate"- saying their not hot.

by barnzy February 23, 2009

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