Often used to describe a person. Means 'fit' or 'hot' or 'good-looking'.
Can also be used to describe something you like, like food.
"That boy is well peng."
"This pizza is so nice, it tastes peng."
by IndieSoup May 29, 2008
to describe a drug or drugs that is potent or strong
MATE john doe's draw is peng
by bad man blondi December 22, 2011
In Chinese Mythology, the Peng and Kun are different forms of the same creature. Translated from the ancient literature, Zuhang Zi's 'Xiao Yao You'; There lived a kind of giant mysterious fish in the northern sea. These fish are called Kun. Nobody knows how big these fish actually are. They can turn into giant birds. When they are in bird form, they are known as Peng. Nobody knows how big these birds actually are. When they fly, their wings are like the colorful clouds in the sky. When there is a storm in the northern sea, the Peng will fly to the southern sea. They travel three thousand (Chinese miles) in one flap of their wings. They can fly for six months without rest.
A big fish turned into a big bird looooong ago, this bird was called peng.
by radi0bread June 12, 2011
A word to describe some-one who's Good-looking like fit
oooh, they're a bit peng
by Kelly Walden & Charlotte Toplass February 27, 2008
it means someone is good- looking.
hey that girl is peng.
by wat blad May 16, 2009
Noun. A term which means marijuana

Verb. A term which means smoking marijuana
Usage as a noun - "Pass the peng"

Usage as a verb - "He's penging that spliff"
by M.Hustler November 19, 2007
adj. amenable esp. delicious, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing or sexually attractive.
Bro, this nectarine galette is peng.
by Felixc212 October 06, 2013

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