English slang; Adjective.

If something is 'peng' it is 'good'. It can be a person or an object, and is quite often a reaction to something good happening.
This weed is peng
by BigBrucieBonuses June 23, 2010
strong, smelly, hairy cannabis.

comes from the word "penging", which means smelly

it has nothing to do with do being attractive. but like most slang words used to describe good weed, now just means good.
"just got a fat 8th of some peng, check it"

"mate that shit looks dank! some sticky peng there"

"yeah man, lets go peng it"
by the_baker321123321 April 25, 2010
A word to describe some-one who's Good-looking like fit
oooh, they're a bit peng
by Kelly Walden & Charlotte Toplass February 27, 2008
adj. amenable esp. delicious, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing or sexually attractive.
Bro, this nectarine galette is peng.
by Felixc212 October 06, 2013
to describe a drug or drugs that is potent or strong
MATE john doe's draw is peng
by bad man blondi December 22, 2011
One of the sacred words of the Knights who say 'Ni'
We are the keepers of the sacred words Ni, Peng and nooo-wom
by exteriorknightwhosaysni January 23, 2011
P.E.N.G = Perfectly, Engineered, Nitro, Ganja
by Sublime420 January 13, 2013
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