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cap for a pen
something good to chew on in class
yes, i said "something good to chew on" and i wasn't talking about something related to sex. get your mind out of the gutter
by da? January 03, 2004
Something/Someone that is completely useless!
Brett your such a fucking pen cap!!!
#pen #cap #useless #waste #fag #sex
by freezer box November 24, 2009
condom, protection (specifically for a male).
Did you use a pen cap last night?
#condom #protection #penis #sex #pen
by Maxine Rodriguez 09 July 08, 2009
A cap for pens. Used so the ink won't dry out of the pen, or to chew on. Always put the pen cap back on the pen.
Person: "I need to put the pen cap back on my pen for future chewing enjoyment."
by Evil October 18, 2003
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