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used in a situation when one has almost definitely secured something that is of great worth, typically when one is about to run the mise.
i knew that random hot chick would make sex w/ me... i had it in the bagg
by da? December 05, 2003
antiquated expression used to describe someone who has recently earned the respect of those around him
i learned to tie my shoes, im the toast of the town
by da? December 29, 2003
used to show that someone has a great knowledge of or great interest in the subject in question, often preceded by the word basically.
child labor, basically that’s what i’m all about.
by da? December 04, 2003
cap for a pen
something good to chew on in class
yes, i said "something good to chew on" and i wasn't talking about something related to sex. get your mind out of the gutter
by da? January 03, 2004
used in a situation when one is so confused that he cant make audible and coherent sentences.
joe: i just caught your g/f making out w/ my sister
bob: da?
by da? August 07, 2003
this is redundant
just say food
by da? January 04, 2004
1) a powerful long range projectile used by samus in super smash bros. melee that deals 22% damage and can kill an opponent with as little as 60% damage depending on their position in the level. of course only n00bs get killed this way.

2) a grossly unfair advantage in any situation (such as being able to frag n00bs from across the screen.)

3) a situation that can make one feel as though he was just hit with a 6 foot diameter ball of electricity.
1) samus' charge beam ownzes slow characters like bowser (as well as n00bs.)

2) the 4 aces that joe had proved to be the charge beam that he needed to win the poker hand.

3) man, i just got charge beamed by that math test i was too stoned to study for.
by da? August 07, 2003
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