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Another name for a firearm.
Ayo, go in the car and get my peice from under tha seat.
by DegreE May 04, 2003
61 74
how dumb people spell piece
"ill ttyl"

"ok peice out man"

"wow you are dumb"
by MrGrinch July 27, 2007
256 96
the incorrect way of spelling piece. jackasses.
man 1: oh hey, do you have a peice?
man 2: it's piece you fuckin' numb nuts.
by d00000000d March 26, 2010
26 22
to be shouted out loudly as general insult to anyone and not meaning anything in particular.
"you absoloute peice!!"
by thomas speight February 09, 2010
16 14
A cool way of saying "peace" when saying goodbye or signing an email.

Thanks for info on fapping. I'll see you this weekend.
by Jack Genther October 14, 2007
12 11
an item of marijuana pariphinaila.
Chek my new pyrex peice
by sky May 09, 2003
82 89
What graffiti artists use to name a large work of graffiti on an area - where as a bomb is just a quick throw up of the artists name
Bro did you see that peice!,

The one by the train line?
by Phokes OFW September 03, 2009
13 21