A handheld pipe most commonly used for marijuana.
"Check out my new peice man!"
by Coleh moleh August 01, 2006
a large healthy dick
Girl, come back to my place and ill show you my peice
by Dirty J May 17, 2004
a short and cleaner way of saying peice of shit.
your car's a peice ese.
by george January 20, 2005
A cell phone, beeper, or PDA
"yo meng i sent you a txt, look at your peice"
by Mezzadge April 24, 2006
Refering to a rapper's medallion on his necklace. Sometimes it will be a cross and refered to as a Jesus peice.

Paul Wall - "I got 17 karrats in my peice and chain"
by JORDI DRINK A 40oz January 21, 2006
1. a sexually attractive woman
2. peice of ass
That is my kind of woman. What a hot peice!
by Heather M. February 27, 2005
Refering to one's place of living.
"yo, lets go back to my peice and drink some beer."
by SBJ August 12, 2003

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